Full stack mobile

Design & Development

We do all that it takes to build complete solutions for mobile platforms. In short, this covers UI & UX design, App development & Server side development. In practice, it also includes a lot of user research, learnings from our experiences & a highly skilled team.

Detailed Design

Pencils. Post-its. Whiteboards

Every project at buUuk is led by a focus on design. It starts with thorough research and followed up by careful attention to detail. The key to delivering a memorable app is to present unique & innovative solutions in a likeable and usable interface.We understand this and that is why, the project design lead is present in every client meeting.

For us, design is a process where everyone in the team (including our client) is involved in making decisions that impact the final product.


Apps. Servers. CMS.

We've been making apps since the launch of the iPhone. We have the experience to deliver a robust product whenever we take on a project.

In addition to developing the mobile app, a mobile project requires a stable & scalable server backend. We draw on our extensive experience of deploying robust servers & integrating with existing setups to deliver the best.

All mobile platforms

iOS. Android. Windows.

We focus on mobile. Only native mobile at that — so that we can be really damn good at it. This includes all the major platforms & also any other quirky systems you might might across.

We develop for iOS, Android, Windows & more
Apple Watch & other wearables iBeacon and indoor location Switft Material Design principles
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Every project starts with a quick chat…

When you call us, you will most likely speak to Norman. He leads our client conversations and will be happy to discuss your project. He will also pull in the right people from the team when needed.

Phone: (+65) 6747 1817 Email: hello@buuuk.com