We are buUuk

Work at play

Mark and Xinyi taking a break at the office Doodling ideas for the new buUuk logo redesign A highly effective focussing device The NEA myENV app buUuk logo in 100% Eucalyptus wood

What started as an experimental app has turned into full fledged client servicing studio over the past 9 years.

As old as the iPhone

As soon as Apple announced the iPhone, Mohan, Jon & Honcheng got together to create an iPhone app — the buUuk app. This app was a directory of all the local food joints with info on opening times, facilities & a lot more.

The app got noticed and led clients to come knocking. The quality of work attracted more attention over time and the experiment effortlessly grew into a studio servicing some of the biggest clients in Singapore.

Coffee + code Wireframing a new client project The old 'sunflower' iMac in the main meeting room Friday + beer Interviewing our interns Xinyi with the new Dribbble Meetup stickers Coasters from around the office Friday at Smokeys Meeting time A bigger meeting! Our business cards The annual party polaroid wall

A culture of trust, respect & no BS

We've been too busy working to have time to make unnecessary rules & processes

Mohan S Muh Hon Cheng Jon Peterson Cheryl Liew Diana Melaniee Ng Irene Licco Tan Mark Law Nav Pawera Norman Miranda Paul Yeoh Reyn Aria Samuel Chandra Upasana Chakraborty Valent Richie Xinyi Wong

Every project starts with a quick chat…

When you call us, you will most likely speak to Norman. He leads our client conversations and will be happy to discuss your project. He will also pull in the right people from the team when needed.

Phone: (+65) 6747 1817 Email: hello@buuuk.com